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Your Anime Online Store in Spain is Anime Cristal. We always offer high quality and completely new products. In addition Anime Cristal specializes in working with the best suppliers.


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Your Online anime shop and Manga in Spain

Anime Cristal is Your Anime Online Store, where you’ll find everything you’re looking for. You will have a great catalog at your service. We currently sell Blu Rays, DVDs, Sleeves and Figures. We also sell Teddy Bears, Cosplay, Replicas and Merchandising. We also have more than 3000 Anime products.

In addition to offering you an online store dedicated exclusively to the world of anime and video games, Anime Cristal updates its database daily, in order to offer you in detail a Wiki Anime with lots of content of interest.

In this way we offer lists of Anime and Manga, updated, so that you are always at the last, of course you can make requests and we encourage to collaborate to our visitors with a unique project on the Internet, where Anime Cristal is a reference portal for people and can find and talk about what they like the most, Anime.

Our Online Shop is located in Spain, specifically in the Valencian community and we make deliveries to the whole peninsula, the shipments usually take between 24 and 48 hours to reach their destination, the shipments can also be sent to any country of the world, not However, please first ask for a quote for this aspect in order to calculate shipping costs.

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Muv Luv Alternative Total Eclipse
– Saint

Dragon Ball

Extended Information and Projects for our Anime and Manga Online Store

To begin with we want to announce the enormous effort that Anime Cristal is making in incorporating all your requests in our online anime and manga store. Next, we highlight our new project that is neither more nor less the creation of a video game called Key of The Future, its launch is yet to be confirmed because we are starting with its development and this video game will be on its official website, in our online anime store and mainly for the PC and mobile platforms.

Finally, we will keep you informed and show you the progress, scenarios, characters and effects related to our own video game that we hope will be to your liking. In addition, every purchase you make in our online anime and manga store contributes to the faster development.

Anime Crystal Online Store Sections

Distraction in our Manga Shop

To start in our Manga section you will find the best titles on the market, with their respective official licenses. As an example some of the last manga sections that we want to highlight are the ones below. In addition, you will find a lot of datasheets and downloads.

Key of the Future

Official distribution of the
Manga Medaka Box
Official website of the Manga Akame ga Kill!.
Official website of
manga to Love-Ru
Official distribution of
Manga Saint Seiya
Official distribution of the Btooom! Manga.

Therefore we also highlight discounts of up to 10 on the purchase of Mangas with the acquisition of any of the sleeves mentioned on this page.

Anime Figures

Above all, we want to highlight the enormous quality of our Anime figures. Therefore, we always import the best material brought directly from Japan.

Of course the licenses are official. In addition, we have the best series. Below are sections of recommended anime figures.

Official distribution of Dragon Ball Figures.
Official distribution of Sword Art Online Figures.
Official Date A Live Figurespage.
Official Kantai collection figures page.
Official distribution of Fairy Tail Figures.
Official distribution of Figures Saint Seiya.

We also highlight on this page discounts of up to 30 in the purchase of Anime Figures with the purchase of any of the figures mentioned on this page.

Video games

Above all, it is worth noting the large number of official labels that appear in our online store. Therefore, we highlight that in our catalog are the best video consoles on the market. For example
Play Station 4 Consoles,
XBOX One Consoles and
Nintendo Switch Consoles
. You will also find most video games on the market.

Play Station 4 Video GamePlatform.
One Video Game
Nintendo Switch video games.
PC video games.


Downloads and Anime Online Platform

To begin with, on our Anime Online platform we want to highlight that we currently have more than 2000 Anime series. In addition, our anime platform is 100 legal. Below you can learn more on our Anime Online Platform.


Official website of our Online Video Game, Anime and Manga Store updated by Anime Cristal.


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